Jürgen Neumann


Drawing on his experiences of setting up various social and digital networks, Jürgen Neumann will present how distributed, mesh networks behave in different ways depending on their context of use and the people how are using them. Neumann will focus on how the intention and habits of users can lead to certain behaviors and how the network structure can facilitate a greater awareness of the users presence and effect within the system.


Jürgen Neumann is a social entrepreneur with over twenty years experience in consulting, building and initiating social and digital networks. In 2002 he co-founded Freifunk.net, a non-profit, which focuses on spreading knowledge about open, wireless networks. In 2007 he established the Open Hardware Initiative, which organized the first Open Technology summit in Taiwan. Currently he spends his time lobbying for more open licensing models for the radio spectrum, running the co-housing and working initiative, K9, Berlin and developing Freigeist.biz.



Date of publication

Mon 13 Jan 2014