Daniela Arriado


Joining us for the closing event of 2019, Screen City Biennial, Director and moving image curator, co-hosts an evening of conversation and discussion in memory of Rotraut Pape (1956-2019).


Daniela Arriado’s work is concerned with the curation, presentation and production of moving image (video and film art, virtual and augment reality) in urban, online and mobile settings.

Within a passion for expanded cinema experiences in 2013 Arriado founded the Screen City Biennial, Norway and established Art Republic – a platform for the distribution and dissemination of the moving image in public spaces. Alongside her curatorial and production practice, Arriado serves as a moving image advisor for a number of art galleries and organisations. She is the ambassador of PNEK – Production Network for Electronic Arts, Norway and member of The Norwegian Association of Curators, and IKT, International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art.

Image credit: German Pinazo


Date of publication

Tue 3 Dec 2019