Dick Gleeson


Dick will present the plans for the continued regeneration of Dublin’s Inner City Docklands area, which includes a vision for a centre for creative and sustainable urban development. Drawing on current plans, aerial photography and architectural impressions of how the area could develop, Dick provides insight into how the plan developed and will be realised.


Dick Gleeson is Dublin City Planner and has overall responsibility for strategic/forward planning and development management in the city and sits on several city and organisational boards. A committed urbanist, Dick has championed the development of the “6 themes”, a systems-type framework, within the Dublin City Council, which are now embedded in the City Plan and provide the main structure to the Corporate Plan. He has a major interest in sustainability and has been responsible for introducing the “Natural Step” to Dublin where it now forms the bedrock of the City Development Plan. The “Natural Step” methodology has had a major impact on strategic thinking in Dublin. He has been strongly associated with the launch of the Freiburg Charter and is in the process of adapting and developing the Charter in the context of Dublin’s inner city. Dick has been centrally involved in the recent development of a Public Realm Strategy for Dublin. He has also managed the International Urban Advisory Panel for Dublin for almost a decade. He has sat on several major juries for architectural competitions including the competition for Dublin’s “spire”. He is an Honorary member of the Royal Institute of Irish
Architects (RIAI).



Date of publication

Mon 2 Sep 2013