Dmytri Kleiner


Drawing on his artistic work and publications, Dmytri’s presentation will focus on what he defines as miscommunication technologies that is technical platforms, which purposefully create ‘unexpected’ civic and social outcomes. In discussing the ‘unexpected’ Dmytri’s work provokes alternatives to our current social and civic narratives.


Dmytri Kleiner is the author of The Telekommunist Manifesto, and a contributing artist to the Telekommunisten Network’s Miscommunication Technologies a continuing series of artworks, such as deadSwap, R15N and Octo. Miscommunication Technologies address the social relations embedded in communication technologies by creating platforms that don’t quite work as expected, or work in unexpected ways. In The Telekommunist Manifesto, Kleiner has published the Peer-Production licence, a commons-friendly Copyleft/Non-Commercial license the author has described as CopyFarLeft, and proposed Venture Communism, a mode of worker-controlled production modelled on peer networks and the commons.


Date of publication

Tue 3 Sep 2013