Doreen Toutikian


Focusing on her work as Director of Beirut Design Week, Doreen discusses a selections of works which cross the fields of urban exploration, tourism, design and community development


Doreen Toutikian is theĀ co-founder & director of MENA Design Research Center & Beirut Design Week. She holds a Master Degree from Koeln International School of Design in European Design Studies and a bachelor in Communication Design from Notre Dame University. Her professional experience involves a range of projects that deal with design research, strategic planning, service design, branding, PR, and user experience. She is also educator on design research methods in various Lebanese universities, serving regularly as a mentor or jury member for student projects and start-ups, and a regular guest speaker at various conferences around the world. She is also founding member of the International Gender Design Network, member of the International Advisory Board of ‘Board of International Research in Design/BIRD’, fellow in the Salzburg Global Seminar, and member of the Young Cultural Innovators of the British Council. Doreen is an avid traveller, speaks five languages fluently, and currently resides in Beirut.

Date of publication

Wed 7 Dec 2016