Fiona Hallinan


Fiona Hallinan discusses a selection of her hospitality and food-based works, including her approach to designing situations, which bring awareness and attention to how we meet others within a new space or place.


Fiona Hallinan is a Dublin based artist, with a multi-disciplinary practice. Her work is often collaborative, and sometimes includes food as a material and conduit for exchange. In 2012 Hallinan developed Homestay for the exhibition HACK-THE-CITY, during which she paired visiting artists with local residents, whom they lived with during their stay in Dublin. Over 2013-2014, Hallinan undertook residencies in Beirut and Paris, where she further developed projects relating to hospitality and food, creating bespoke situations, interventions and encounters which provide “settings” for people to meet, eat and exchange ideas. Other recent projects include Heterodyne, where she invited artists to create scores for specific journeys and The Hare mobile food project in collaboration with chef Katie Sanderson.



Date of publication

Thu 14 May 2015