Fiona Murphy


What happens when migration is a result of forced climatic or economic change? How do we forge a new sense of home and place? Fiona Murphy provides an overview of what is means to create a sustainable life in the wake of such upheavals.


Dr Fiona Murphy works across the disciplines of anthropology, sociology, literary studies and marketing. She specialises in indigenous politics and movements, refugees and mobility studies, and sustainability in Australia and Ireland. Key themes within her work include trauma, memory, reconciliation, mobility and integration. She has served as secretary of the Anthropological Association of Ireland (2013-2015), book review editor for the Irish Journal of Anthropology (2011-2014) and is a member of a number of Anthropology networks and associations, including the European Association of Anthropologists. Her current work focuses on both the politics of reparations in the context of the removal and institutionalisation of Aboriginal Australian children and sustainable consumption in the context of economic crisis in Ireland. She blogs and reviews for Allegra: A Virtual Lab of Legal Anthropology Blog and for the LSE Review of Books.

Date of publication

Thu 14 May 2015