Guerilla Architects


Addressing our 10th anniversary (2023) focus on “House and Home, Speculation in the City” Guerilla Architects will share two of their key works, ‘Hidden Borough’ (2012), where the group ‘hacked’ and ‘occupied’ a building in London and their ongoing project ‘1km² Berlin – Strategien der Spekulation’ and in particular their film “The Language of Speculation” (collaboration with Philine Schneider), which will open the 28th March (Berlin) edition.


Found in 2012, Guerilla Architects is a multi-disciplinary artist collective based in Berlin. Approaching urban development through the lens of being “guerilla” as a means to explore the value that is embedded in what already exists, rather than a continued focus on the new or the next big thing, the group focus on the untapped potential of abundance and overproduction in contemporary urban society. Employing a number of interdisciplinary art practices (installation, performance, street based interventions, public art, graphic design and paper-based architecture) for this edition of Urban Hosts, Guerilla Architects members Silvia Gioberti and Shahrzad Rahmani, will be sharing the collectives work and approach.

Date of publication

Thu 16 Mar 2023