Kasia Molga


Artist working with soil, pollution and biological data shares her approach to making immersive media, installation and performances.


Working with environmental and biological data, Kasia Molga creates multisensory interactive and immersive situations, performances and audio-visual animations, which reflect on our notion and perception of “nature”. Key works include, ‘Human Sensor’ (2016) a wearable costume that responds to air pollution and her collaborations with the artist and musician Scanner with whom she created ‘By the code of soil’ (2018), which explores the relationship between soil and space and ‘A Portrait of your Breath’ (2014), which plays with human breath, air and glass.

In 2013, along with Erik Overmeire and Ivan Henriques she co-founded World Wilder Lab a platform focusing on inter- and intra- species communication. World Wilder Lab aims to facilitate artistic expression for biological entities and natural systems. Since the mid-2000s Molga has collaborated with a number of museums, companies and collectives such as Protei, whose work focuses on collating marine data and developing devices for cleaning the ocean.

Molga’s work has been exhibited and reviewed worldwide, most notably at the Centre Pompidou, Tate Modern and V&A Museum, she is a recipient of the Wellcome Trust Award and Ars Electronica 2012 Honorary.

Links: Twitter ; Instagram. Image credit: Nick Harrison.

Date of publication

Sat 4 Jan 2020