Katharina Beckmann


Co-founder of NICHE Berlin introduces the thinking and approach behind the company’s personalised art and architecture tours of Berlin


Katharina Beckmann was born in Bochum and is currently living and working in Berlin. She studied Architecture and Heritage Conservation at Technische Universität Berlin. Her masterthesis – a documentation of the history and transformation of the Field Station Berlin at Teufelsberg in Berlin – was publsihed in 2011. In 2009 during her studies she founded „NICHE Berlin” with the two art historians Nora-Nele Heinevetter and Stefanie Gerke. NICHE Berlin offers private personalized art and architecture tours, showing the city’s hard-to-find, innovative architecture gems and experimental, emerging art spaces. NICHE Berlin tries to open up new Berlin perspectives by presenting cutting-edge art spaces and more obscure architectural gems. The tours are geared towards art and architecture enthusiasts looking for competent insider knowledge. Rather than focusing on renowned galleries and famous buildings featured in most tourist guides, NICHE Berlin explores unique hotspots and backdrops that contribute to Berlin’s thriving contemporary art and architecture scene. Each private tour is customized according to the participants’ interests and background knowledge. Within the company she is responsible for the architecture section, where the tours present fascinating building projects, their history and context in the field of architecture. Besides her work at NICHE Berlin she is also working at Technische Universität Berlin as the Coordinator of Studies at the Institute for Architecture, where she is managing the programs in Architecture, Urban Design and Heritage Conservation. Apart from architecture from the 60s she loves to ride her horse.


Image credit: Mary Scherpe

Date of publication

Fri 11 Nov 2016