Kenton Card


In March 2023, Kenton Card and colleagues will be hosting a 5-day workshop (25-29th March) with students at the Free University of Berlin titled ‘Housing Activist, Film Workshop’. Reflecting on this workshops process and his recent publication, “From the Streets to the Statehouse: How tenant movements affect housing policy in Los Angeles and Berlin” (2022), Kenton’s practice-led approach to urban planning will form the bases for his contribution to the second edition of our 10th anniversary (2023) focus on “House and Home, Speculation in the City”.


Kenton Card is a teacher, filmmaker, and researcher. For the last decade his work has investigated the relationship of housing to inequalities (economic, racial, gendered) and climate change. He draws primarily on the methods of film-making, participant observation, interviews, and policy analysis. He works as the Senior TA Coordinator for the UCLA Center for Community Engagementt, and as a Guest Researcher at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center and the Free University of Berlin.

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Date of publication

Thu 16 Mar 2023