Magnus Bjerk


For the opening edition of Urban Hosts (2023), photographer and artist, Magnus Bjerk speaks to his current work on the topic of eviction. This perspective is rooted in his experience of working in Kottbusser Tor, Berlin since 2007. Specifically his presentation will reflect on the ongoing project “How Do You Feel?” with Fett Burger, which will open on the 7th Feb (running every Tue, only 15-19.00 till 28th March) as part of the opening season discussions on property speculation in Berlin.


Magnus Bjerk’s works explores historical and contemporary causes of social unrest and the societal conditions that influence work and housing conditions. Trained as a photographer these themes are expressed through an interdisciplinary image-based practice that takes the form of installation, performance, music, graphic and print based mediums.

Date of publication

Thu 26 Jan 2023