Nicolas Mairgret


Artist and co-founder of the art collective disnovation, discusses the groups work and approach to exposing practices that use data for online influence, persuasion, censorship and manipulation.


Nicolas Maigret is an artist, curator, and educator based in Paris.

His work exposes the internal workings of media, through an exploration of their dysfunctions, limitations or failure thresholds which he develops into immersive, ambiguous and critical artworks. In 2016, Nicolas initiated DISNOVATION.ORG, a working group which aims to disrupt, pervert, and complexify the accounts on technological innovation. The group develops situations of disturbance, speculation, and debate, challenging the ideology of technological solutionism and stimulating the dissemination of alternative narratives. He teaches at Parsons Paris and develops a research on “Black Boxes” with V2_ Rotterdam and UCL Louvain. With Maria Roszkowska he co-edited The Pirate Book, an anthology on media piracy.

His work has been presented in international exhibitions and festivals and featured in a number of leading art and magazine publications and papers. Nicolas is a recipient of the Award for Research in Artistic Technology (2015), the First Prize for Digital Arts from Arte Laguna (2016), and a Design Trust Grant, Honk Kong (2018).

Date of publication

Mon 16 Sep 2019