Nils Zurawski


Nils will present research and findings from his recent co-edited publication “The Anthropology of Security”, which focuses on the Europe’s security industry.


Nils Zurawski is Visiting Professor in Security, Social Conflicts and Regulation at the University of Hamburg. Over the years his research has focused on identity, culture and the Internet, national security and surveillance. He has carried out field-work in Northern Ireland and Germany and since 2001 he has worked as a journalist and editor for NDR online. In 2014 he co-edited with Mark Maguire and Catarina Frois “The Anthropology of Security”, which focuses on how contemporary Europe is now home to a vast security industry which uses biometric identification systems, CCTV and quasi-military techniques to police migrants and disadvantaged neighbourhoods.


Nils Zurawski

Date of publication

Mon 11 May 2015