When and Where

Location: Studio, Weise7, Weisestraße 7, Neukölln 12049, Berlin

Date: Fri-Jan 24  — Sun-Jan 26 2014

Time: 11-18.00h

Cost: 50euros  per person

Workshop Leader: Danja Vasiliev

Registeration necessary: subscribe/othernet



1/ Have you ever thought about storing your family photos, notes and calendar events on your own home-server?

2/ Or would like to send an email directly between your computer and the computer or your recipient?

3/ Would you prefer to share your data locally within a circle of people that you trust or are physically present around you?

Othernet workshop addresses these questions by providing you with the tools and know-how to disconnect from the Cloud and re-engineer the Web. In today’s post-internet society data privacy and infrastructural independence have become a central tenant within communication policy, changing how the net is structured. This has lead to a growth in decentralised systems, which enable users greater operational control over their personal communication, data and networked interactions. As result people are beginning to move away from centralised systems such as Gmail, Facebook and iCloud.

 Within this area, numerous Open-source projects are being developed in the field, providing functionality, which leaps ahead of the dominant, proprietary examples. Providing fresh and unorthodox methods to network infrastructures, such examples often require users to have a more nuanced technical skill-set. Othernet workshop is a three-day long workshop, which provides you with this technical know-how. During the workshop participants will explore alternative systems for secure, communication and data exchange, unfettered from surveillance. Set up and operational issues are explained and Open-source projects such as – OwnCloud, OpenVPN, JaroMail, UnCloud, Unhosted and more are presented. Workshop participants will learn how to command and administer GNU/Linux based systems, use Open-source web software and create their own communication systems and communal infrastructures.

We invite you to the Othernet demonstrations and opening exhibition, which will take place at Studio Weise7, on Thu 30th Jan, 19.00.

Othernet is created in partnership with Studio Weise7 as part of Transmediale 2014

Date of publication

Mon 13 Jan 2014