Richard Seabrooke


What makes a city creative? Surely the people how live and work in it! Richard Seabrooke is joined by partner in crime Bren Byrne for a whirlwind presentation, which demonstrates some of the design choices and DIY approach that has established OFFSET and it’s team as some of Dublin’s leading makers and shakers.


Established in 2009 as an initiative of The Small Print, OFFSET has quickly grown to become Dublin’s premier creative festival attracting speakers and visitors from all over the world.

With their roots deep in Dublin’s creative community, Peter O’Dwyer, Bren Byrne and Richard Seabrooke have over the last decade established and run various studios, companies, creative enterprises and bespoke events including over the last decade including The Small Print, Sweet Talk and the Candy Collective.


Date of publication

Mon 2 Sep 2013