Seamus Nolan


Drawing on key projects and idea, Seamus will discuss how his work activates alternative narratives in the relation to the artist and art institution, public and private space and systems of class, ideology and history.


Seamus Nolan is an artist based in Dublin, Ireland.

Recent work includes, ‘Tarzan Calling’  EVA (2014) and the ‘10th President’ (2013) Templebar Gallery and Studios, a project which proposed the President of Ireland would temporarily hand over his office. Over 2008-2011, Nolan revived a traditional working man’s club in Sligo town, North West Ireland and attempted to hijack a Ryan air flight for St Patrick’s day ‘Flight NM7104’ for the art exhibition, Terminal Convention, which took place in a defunct airport outside Cork city (2011). Questioning the relationship between the artist and the art institution, in 2011, Nolan refused to participate in Ireland’s first major international art event Dublin Contemporary and attempted to sell the derelict house of Barbara Luderowski the founder and co-director of The Mattress Factory Pittsburgh. Other works by Nolan include Corrib Gas Project Arts Centre (2009), a solo show which looked at the Corrib Gas Pipeline and the North Mayo community affected by its development and ‘every action will be judged on the particular circumstances’ (2003) a collaboration with the five-peace activists acquitted for disarming a military aircraft in Shannon Airport. In 2007 Nolan created ‘Hotel Ballymun’ in which he transformed a residential tower block on the outskirts of Dublin city into a boutique hotel run by a group of local participants and organisations.

Date of publication

Tue 7 Jul 2015