Sebastian Muellauer


Sebastian will discuss his Open Buoy project – a modular, open source vessel which serves as a freely accessible, experimental platform for scientists and artists to host their technology to monitor and sense water systems, on bayous, rivers, lakes or the ocean. The vessel is an open hardware design, built low cost, using hacked consumer electronics to replace otherwise expensive research instruments. It is collaboratively developed and aims to implement the users eventual research interests, for example coastal documentation, water quality analysis, or acoustic recording, to name a few. By developing it incrementally and reacting to site specific requirements, the buoy shall grow naturally and help to learn and discover different topics and potential applications of such a floating platform in particular areas.


Sebastian Muellauer is a native German/Austrian creator working in the intersection of design, technology, nature and human intervention. He studied  at the Design Academy in Eindhoven and received a diploma with distinction in industrial design from the University of Arts РBurg Giebichenstein in Halle. He is currently based in Berlin where he founded the AutonomousSystemLaboratory, being part of the SUPERKUBUS. eV, an association and platform for development and exchange between art, design and science. Over the years he has worked internationally on community generated technologies including the award winning PROTEI an open source sail drone project and TAKU a mobile lab for living, work and research. His work has been internationally exhibited ie. Arco(SP), Ars Electronica (AU), TEKS РMetaMorf (Norway) , Transnatural Festival, V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media and DEAF (NL).


Date of publication

Mon 2 Sep 2013