Sophie Bandarkar


Exploring the use of film-making, as a medium to express housing rights.  Tenant activist and researcher, Sophie Bandarkar will be joining colleague Kenton Card, to discuss and share the outcomes of their  “Housing Activist, Film Workshop” in Berlin (March 2023).


Sophie Bandarkar is  tenant organiser, currently based in Paris organizing with the Droit of Logement. Sophie completed her undergraduate studies in Political Economy, City Planning and Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley. During her studies, she was part of the The Student Advocate’s Office (SAO), where she worked on topics relating to housing, food security and criminal justice. Continuing her studies, Sophie will be embarking on a MA in Public Policy at Princeton, this year (2023) and has written for The Daily Californian and In These Times.

Image credit: Joshua Jordan, source. Last accessed 20th March 2023.

Date of publication

Mon 20 Mar 2023