Tom Hansing


Tom will discuss the Werkstatt-Lastenrad program, which is an open is an open knowledge-platform for  people interested in DIY cargobike-building. Supported by the city council, Berlin Senate the group collect tutorials and manuals on how to build cargo bikes on your own. Tom will relate this programme to the wider aims of the “Berliner Lastenrad-Netzwerk” and the work of thje Foundation Stiftungsgemeinschaft Anstiftung & Ertomis, which focuses on providing support for grass-roots urban initiatives.


Tom Hansing grew up in Bavaria but has lived in Berlin for over ten years. A student of sociology he cofounded an open workshop in Neukölln, the RÜTLI-WEAR-Project and currently works for Foundation Stiftungsgemeinschaft Anstiftung & Ertomis. The foundations work focuses on sustainable urban lifestyles and DIY practices. As a  collective they carry out scientific research, organize and financial support community, led initiatives and help to disseminate good practice. Their most recent publication “Stadt der Commonisten – Neue Räume des Do it yourself” is a picture-book, which illustrates new movements in urban DIY practices. As part of his work with the foundation, Tom helps to the develop the “Berliner Lastenrad-Netzwerk” program.


Date of publication

Mon 2 Sep 2013