Wael Eskandar


Telling the story of released data, journalist, activist and member of Tactical Technology Collective speaks to the approaches adopted in their project, Exposing the Invisible.


Wael Eskandar is an independent journalist, activist and creative technologist. A frequent commentator on Egyptian politics, he has written for Ahram Online, Egypt Independent, Counterpunch, and Jadaliyya, among others.  Since 2018 Wael has been working as an analyst on Exposing the Invisible a programme of work by Berlin-based Tactical Technology Collective, which tells the story of released data by exploring the different techniques, tools and methods along with the individual practices of those working at the new frontiers of investigation.

Links: @weskandar and notesfromtheunderground.net

Image credit: Vinciane Jacquet

Date of publication

Fri 4 Oct 2019