Claire Mellier


Claire discusses the strengths and limitations of assemblies as participatory, deliberative strategies for climate action and change.


Claire Mellier is a facilitator, process designer and researcher with expertise in delivering participative processes which put citizens at the heart of decision making. Co-founder of the Global Assembly on the climate and ecological crisis for COP26, she has delivered more than fifteen citizens’ deliberative processes on climate change and other topics, from the local to the global levels. Part of the facilitation team at Climate Assembly UK and Scotland’s Climate Assembly and one of the accredited researchers who observed Convention Citoyenne pour le Climate, Claire is also an associate researcher at the Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformation (CAST) at Cardiff University, where she published a comparative analysis of the French and UK assemblies and a research briefing on systems change and citizens’ assemblies. She is the author of a Carnegie Europe article entitled “Getting Climate Citizens’ Assemblies Right” and has contributed to the March-April 2021 edition of the New Internationalist on Citizens’ Assemblies.

Image credit: Claire Mellier-Wilson

Date of publication

Wed 6 Sep 2023