Tales of Care and Repair, Stories of Everyday MaintenancePublication Tue-25 Feb, 2022

Publication documenting the outcomes of Tales of Care and Repair – a year long project in collaboration with Toxics Links, India and Gambiologia, Brazil that gathered stories of everyday repair.

The practice of multispecies relations in urban space and its potentialities for new legal imaginariesAcademic PublicationWed-1 Dec, 2021
New World Salon: gathering rituals for the post-COVID cityGathering (numbers restricted/invite only)Sat-29 Aug, 2020

The New World Salon is an emerging feral alliance with architects Thom Charli and Irina Bogdan. Adhering to pandemic rules and regulations, we worked in the margins, conjuring up new cleansing and meeting rituals, we began to re-imagine what “gathering” may mean in a post-COVID city. Supporting our endeavours, we invited guest, tarot card reader, artist and life coach, Andreea Hriscu to join us.

1:1 Conversations with Kasia MolgaPodcastProduced by Eliza Alice Lomas

Conversation with artist and designer, Kasia Molga on collaborative practices and sensing cities.

1:1 Conversation with Alina WernickPodcastProduced by Eliza Alice Lomas

Conversation with lawyer Alina Wernick on data, surveillance and rights in smart cities.

1:1 Conversation with Manuel BeltránPodcastProduced by Eliza Alice LomasThur-9 Jan, 2020

Conversation with artist and founder of Institute of Human Obsolescence, Manuel Beltrán on the possibilities of data production labour rights.

DIE MAUER - DER VERTIKALE HORIZONT ScreeningRotraut Pape (1956-2019)Sun-15 Dec, 201934a BerlinTrailer

For the closing edition of Urban Knights 2019, in memory of the 30th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall and our friend, mentor and collaborator Rotraut Pape (1956-2019), we will be screening Pape’s work, The Wall – The Vertical Horizon. Followed by a  discussion of Pape’s work, with her collaborator, Ninon Liotet, writer Fiona Shipwright, film programmer and curator Vanina Saracino. The event will be co-hosted with Screen City Biennial, Director, Daniela Arriado.

1:1 Conversation with Pip Thornton PodcastProduced by Eliza Alice LomasMon-25th Nov, 2019

Conversation with artist, writer and academic Pip Thornton on language, art and algorithmic reproduction.

1:1 Conversation with Seb Bacon PodcastProduced by Eliza Alice LomasMon-25th Nov, 2019

Conversation with manager, analyst and programmer Seb Bacon at Oxford Universities, Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine on the use of NHS data, with a specific focus on drug prescribing.

1:1 Conversation with Wael EskanderPodcastProduced by Eliza Alice LomasMon-25th Nov, 2019

Conversation with journalist and activist, Wael Eskander, who works as an analyst on Exposing the Invisible a programme of work by Berlin-based Tactical Technology Collective, which tells the story of how released data has become a tool for investigative journalism.

1:1 Conversation with Freya LockwoodPodcastProduced by Eliza Alice LomasThur-31 Oct, 2019

Conversation with Bristol City Council, City Innovation Team Lead, Freya Lockwood, who discusses Bristol’s, One City Approach and the role that data plays in creating inclusive cities.

1:1 Conversation with Nicolas Mairgret PodcastProduced by Eliza Alice Lomas Thur-31 Oct, 2019

Conversation with artist and founding member of disnovation, Nicolas Mairgret on degrowth, climate and data.

1:1 Conversation with Alison PowellPodcast Produced by Eliza Alice Lomas Thur-31 Oct, 2019

What choices do tech companies make when building their products? What ethical practices and governance structures should we considering if we are to build equitable data societies? Technology and society scholar at the London School of Economics and Director of the JUST AI Project at the Ada Lovelace Institution, Alison Powell, joins Urban Hosts founder & Professor of City Futures, Teresa Dillon to discuss such issues.

Interspecies Urban Planning, Reimaging City Infrastructures with Slime MouldPublicationTeresa Dillon, Elliott Ballam, Richard Mayne, Neil Phillips and Andrew AdamatzkyMay 2019Slime Mould in Arts and Architecture, River Publishers

The slime mould Physarum polycephalum optimises its shape in a geometrically constrained space. We explore this property in order to reconsider how we could develop more inclusive, interspecies approaches to urban planning and infrastructure. Working with slime mould we look towards developing, new and urgent forms of dynamic interspecies urban planning.

How can art open up new forms of hospitality and commoning in the city? Dillon’s URBAN HUT taps into this question of living art shaping civic reality in the city.

City By Night Resident Guest Tatu RönkköSat-02 June, 201934a Berlin

Returning to Urban Hosts in May 2019, percussionist Tatu Rönkkö will be our  resident guest.  Working on his project “City by Night” which will take place in five cities (Helsinki, Porto, Tokyo, Buenos Aires and Berlin) across 2018-2020, Rönkkö will pound the pavement gathering nocturnal recordings and found materials for a series of live, new performance pieces.

Recyling FactorySite VisitRepair ActsWed-28 Mar, 2018 New Delhi
XHOIRWorkshopColin SelfTue-31 Oct, 201734a Berlin
Conversation MatterPlaying CardsUrban Knights Thur-05 Oct, 2017We The Curious, BristolLaunch Party, Open City Lab

“Conversation Matter” is a deck of cards aimed at supporting dialogue between  individuals about how we live in cities and develop shared resources. Supported by We the Curious, Bristol and as part of their new ‘Open City Lab’ Initiative, we hosted a design sprint with students from UWE’s undergrad graphic design course. Creating over the course of the evening the cards, which will be available to play at the upcoming, Festival of the Future City in Bristol.

Premiere Live Performance Kelly WyseTue-13 Dec, 201634a Berlin

For the closing edition of Urban Knights, 2016, pianist, composer,  teacher and founder of the concert series Modellbahn, Kelly James Wyse plays four new works for the piano. Inspired by distinct locations around Berlin (U-Bahn 1 line; Rummelsburger Bucht, Berghain and the bells of the Berlinerdom), the source material for each piece was derived from field recordings taken on each site.

DisnovationResident GuestsSun-02 Jul, 201634a Berlin

In July 2016 the French collective, Disnovation will be our Urban Knight guest residents. Working on upcoming projects, including Deep Browsing and Museum of Failures, the group will also be taking part in the School of Machines, programme “The Neural Aesthetic”.


Safe and SoundPublicationAlona RodehTue-29 Sept, 201534a Berlin

As part of Alona Rodeh’s presentation at Urban Knights, the artist, presents her publication Safe and Sound, which examines various expressions of personal and state manifested safety regulations. On the night, the publication will be available via The Green Box.

I Spy With My Little Eye, Something Beginning With 'C'CCTV City ToursTeresa DillonGallery 17, Aberdeen
FoodHospitalityFiona HallinanTue-24 Nov, 201534a Berlin

As part of her presentation at Urban Knight, we invited artist, chef and researcher, Fiona Hallinan to cook and share recipes (teas, soup and desert) that nourish and support an awareness to how we can attend and care for each other, while hosting events.

Feral TradeNetwork ExchangeKate RichSat-10 Oct, 2015Urbanize! Festival, Vienna

Feral Trade is a grocery business and public experiment, trading goods over social networks. Hijacking our personal, travel routes trader and merchant Kate Rich re-uses such pathways to create closer links between producers and consumers. Join Kate and learn about processes behind Feral Trading and how you can become part of the network.

Short paper that sketches out how contemporary sound art practices, can act as a form of critical sound exploration by exposing devices electromagnetic spectrum. Aiding in turn more informed, inclusive public conversations and debate about ‘smart cities’ technical underlay.

FoodHospitalityMami YamasakiTue-30 June, 201534a Berlin

A graduate of macrobiotics at Seishoku Kyokai Cooking School in Japan, Mami Yamasaki has over ten years experience as a chef and caterer. Combining traditional Japanese and world kitchens with quality ingredients, time and care, Mami’s delicious food will served as part of our opening event, in our new Berlin space – 34A.

I Play Your KitchenLive PerformanceTatu RönkköTue-30 June, 201534a Berlin

Finnish drummer and percussionist Tatu Rönkkö plays the opening concert in the kitchen of our new Berlin base – 34a. Without any pre-planning or additional tools, Rönkkö, turns everyday kitchen spaces and utensils into musical sources as what catches his eyes and ears become part of the performance.

OthernetWorkshopDanja VasilievFri-Jan 24 to Sun-Jan 26, 2014: 11-18.00 dailyStudio Weise7, Berlin Register and infoWorkshop review by Daphne Dragona for Neural

Bring your laptop and learn how to command and administer GNU/Linux based systems, use Open-source web software to create your own communication systems and communal infrastructures, with critical engineer Danja Vasiliev. Options for decentralised and self-managed systems such as OwnCloud, OpenVPN, JaroMail, UnCloud, Unhosted and more will be shared and discussed.


Unpleasant DesignWorkshopSelena Savic & Nikola KoracTue-12 Nov 2013, 11-17.00Studio Weise7, BerlinRegister and info

Unpleasant Design refers to how cities can be designed to exclude or ‘silently’ modify our behavior and interactions. Join architect, designer and artist Selena Savic & Nikola Korac for this 1-day workshop and learn about the techniques behind ‘unpleasant design’.


Hack the OceansWorkshopSebastian MuellauerSun-12 to Tue-14-May, 2013: 10-16.30 dailyHacklab, Recyclism, DublinRegister and info

Three-day workshop with artist and designer, Sebastian Muellauer in collaboration with Recyclism Hacklab. Reevaluating our relation towards the seas, participants built a floating buoy with electronics (motors, drivers, sensors) that sensed and interacted with the ocean.  The buoy’s maiden voyage, Dublin City Harbour.