Alona Rodeh


Rodeh will present her ongoing project “Safe and Sound“, which examines various expressions of personal and state manifested safety regulations. Working with the actual materiality of safety such as hi-viz (high visual) clothing and signs, Rodeh’s work explores how such materials and contexts, despite their explicit visibility provide a lens through which examine the covert mechanisms at play within our social systems.


Through her work, Alona Rodeh examines cultural phenomenon through the agitatation of objects, spaces and situations, which she develops into choreographed architectural performances, installations and images. Based in Tel Aviv and Berlin, Alona is represented by Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv and from mid September will have a solo show running at Grimmuseum, Berlin with parallel works on show at Petach Tikva Museum, Israel.


Alona Rodeh

Date of publication

Wed 6 May 2015