Daisuke Ishida

Daisuke Ishida presents his project “Crack in the City”, which focuses on our everyday auditory experiences in the city. Working with this topic, Ishida presents teaching methodologies, artistic projects and interventions which have been developed under this theme.


Daisuke Ishida is a Berlin based artist, working with sound and contemporary media. Ishida’s main interest is in the consequence of artistic praxis and theory in sound, space and perception including acoustics, architecture, auditory perception, computer music and associated fields. In 2012, Ishida joined the The Berlin University of the Arts (UdK), UNI.K Studio für Klangkunst und Klangforschung (Studio for Sound Art and Sound Research), where he has been teaching on the Sound Studies master course. In 2009 he established AUSREIHE, an independent organization committed to experimental electronic/computer and in 2002 founded with Ken Furudate, Kazuhiro Jo and Mizuki Noguchi The SINE WAVE ORCHESTRA, which received Honorary Mention in Digital Music category of the Prix ARS Electronica 2004 and Stiftung Niedersachsen work stipends for Media Art 2009 at Edith Russ Site for Media Art.


Daisuke Ishida

Date of publication

Mon 11 May 2015