Fritz Schlüter


What does life feel (and sound) like in Soldiner Kiez, one of Berlin’s so-called problem quarters? Fritz Schlüter  presents stories and experiences from a project combining ethnography, soundscape studies, and artistic intervention.


Fritz is a cultural anthropologist experimenting with field recordings and soundscape composition. He participated in several ethnographic projects focusing on sound in everyday urban settings – such as “Sensing the Street. Eine Straße in Berlin” (2007) or “Listening. Die Stadt als Klanglandschaft” (Hamburg 2010/11). He also contributed to “Der Sound des Jahrhunderts” (Berlin 2012) with ten contemporary field recordings. Currently, he collaborates with OKK (Organ of Critical Arts) in Soldiner Kiez.


Soldiner Kiez Beat BoxKids

Date of publication

Mon 2 Sep 2013