Markus Bader


As part of the 10th anniversary of Urban Hosts, 2023, Markus Bader will be our second guest resident in Bristol from 28th Nov-1st Dec 2023. During this period, Markus will be presenting his work at Urban Hosts and connecting with a number of local partners including ArtSpace LifeSpace and We Can Make and colleagues at the Pervasive Media Studio, Digital Cultures Research Centre and School of Architecture and Environment at the University of the West of England.


Co-founder of the architecture group raumlabor‘s Markus Bader, connects thinking on contemporary urban praxis with learnings from the groups role in co-designing large-scale civic projects.


Markus Bader is a co-founding member of the architecture group raumlabor, Berlin and Professor of Design and Building Planning at the University of the Arts Berlin. He previously held visiting professorships at the Universities of Kassel, Düsseldorf and the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague and worked as assistant professor at BTU Cottbus.

As a member of the group raumlabor, he combines the fields of architecture, art and performance with strategic questions of urban development. Known for their collaborative design approach that calls for participation, regeneration and collective responsibility, raumlabor focuses on creating ‘real-world’ utopias and 1:1 settings that question conventions, examine protocols and invite processes of change through joint actions.

Committed to urban practice as a new crossover field of work between art, architecture, urban development, education and social issues, Markus has been central in developing projects such the floating university and Haus der Statistik both civil society-public partnerships in Berlin that act as learning spaces and test environments for cooperative urban futures. In acknowledgement of such work, raumlabor received the Golden Lion Venice Architecture Biennale, 2021.

Image source/credit: PFRunner

Date of publication

Wed 8 Nov 2023