Radio Spatkauf


Radio Spaetkauf joins forces with Urban Hosts for a special edition of their show.

To mark the crossing 10years of Urban Hosts in Berlin, we are creating a small “Block Party/Mini-Fest” on 29-30th Sept at WeichselStr, Friedrichshain. The core thematic of the event is the notion of neighbourliness, which is often described as the quality of being friendly and helpful to those who live near you.

What practices and structures exist in our neighbourhood, to support such qualities? Are such attitudes critical, impossible, or old fashioned? What relevance do they play in the contemporary city? Is it possible to expand the notion beyond the human, to include thinking about soil, air and other species in a neighbourly way? Join Radio Spatkauf, Professor of City Futures and founder of Urban Hosts, Teresa Dillon, members of the housing project K9 and Cultural and PR Manager at Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Library for this special live podcast conversation. Join Radio Spatkauf, Prof of City Futures and Urban Host founder, Teresa Dillon, Housing Project K9 and Cultural Programmer and Manager at the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Library, Thomas Gottschalk for this special live podcast conversation. 


Radio Spaetkauf is Berlin’s English-language news show, keeping international residents informed about local politics, public transport, urban development, culture, bicycles, bars and more. Listen wherever you get your podcasts.

The show is written, produced and presented by Daniel Stern, Joel Dullroy, Jöran Mandik, Izzy Choksey, Matilde Keizer, Sebastian Filip, Anne-Marie Harrison and was originally co-founded by Maisie Hitchcock (rip, 2023).

Date of publication

Fri 15 Sep 2023